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Un modo efficace per convertire qualsiasi dei tuoi PDF in documenti Microsoft Word senza download
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Estensione di file .pdf Estensione di file .doc/.docx
Tipo di media application/pdf Tipo di media doc-application/msword
Sviluppato da ISO Sviluppato da Microsoft
Rilascio iniziale 15 giugno 1993 Rilascio iniziale 25 ottobre 1983
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Link utili


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What I like the most is how fast it is at converting pdfs to editable word documents. I use this application on my laptop and mobile all the time. Alto is flexible and free.



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It’s a fantastic online converter for me. All you gotta do is drag & drop your PDF, and Alto converts it to a Word doc in seconds. It didn’t cost me a penny.



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Now I can change my pdf file to word format without additional software installations or payments. You get fast conversions. Great for college.